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Abdominal Adhesions

Abdominal scar tissue from injury and surgery can be a source of many problems, especially in nerve pain and mobility. Specialized manual therapy techniques called Visceral Function Manipulation can successfully treat scar tissue, restore movement, and eliminate pain.

Patients with abdominal adhesions often suffer from:

- low back and pelvic pain

- nerve pain (like sciatica)

- stiffness and dysfunction

- bladder function issues

- fertility problems in women

- restrictions on smooth lumbar spine and pelvic joint movement

- changes in lumbar posture, even lumbar curve or sway pack

- painful pressure in back and hip joints

- limited leg movement

- nerve irritation and pain in the legs

Through this manual (hands on) treatment to stretch, loosen, and free tight tissue in the abdomen your therapist can feel the restrictions through the abdomen and use gentle tractioning movements to free them. This treatment is gentle, non-invasive, and performed on an outpatient basis.

This content is a good example of treatment similar to what you will find at Meridian Physical Therapy.

Surgery is often considered to cut abdominal adhesions out. But, 90% of the time someone who has already experienced abdominal adhesions will simply develop more adhesions with surgery alone.

Visceral Function Manipulation is very effective at

- loosening adhesions

- relieving pain and stiffness in the back, hips, and legs

- restoring lumbar and pelvic joint mobility

- relieving nerve pain such as sciatica

- significantly reducing, and in some cases eliminating, menstrual cramps

- restoring posture

- improving mechanical efficiency and physical performance such as for sports or other physical tasks

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Manual Physical Therapy

Advanced hands on techniques, to loosen tight muscles joints and tissues, to reduce or eliminate pain and restore mobility.

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