Arthritis Therapy in Meridian, ID

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Arthritis Therapy

Half of us will have knee arthritis by the time we are 85, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and a quarter of us will develop hip arthritis. Arthritis is a fact of growing older, but over 50 million Americans of ALL ages suffer from this debilitating disease.

Because arthritis is usually the result of wear and tear of the cartilage in the joints. When this cartilage is shaved off into the joint space it causes painful inflammation. As this gets worse the tissues around the joint will tighten and weaken resulting in limited range of motion. Efficient movement is essential to not only relieving arthritis pain but to minimize continued damage to your joints.

The right physical therapy will allow you to live with arthritis without constant pain and without constant medication. Your therapist will work with you to restore your range of motion, improve your muscular activation to support your joints, enhance movement and function and teach you to move efficiently to protect your joints.

Physical Therapy will help you break the cycle of pain. Working with your physical therapist on a one on one basis will change you from an arthritis sufferer to someone living pain-free with arthritis.

One on one Care

During your time at Meridian Physical Therapy you'll work with the same therapists every time you attend, with no PT aids you will be in the hands of a therapist every visit

Manual Physical Therapy

Advanced hands on techniques, to loosen tight muscles joints and tissues, to reduce or eliminate pain and restore mobility.

Adapted Exercise plans

No one-size-fits-all protocols. Exercises are selected specifically for you and advanced at an appropriate pace.