Running Performance Improvement in Meridian, ID

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Running Performance Improvement

Running is the one exercise that requires no special equipment or locale. But while it is a simple exercise it is also prone to injury. Yet, the injury rate for runners is about 80%. That means that almost 8 of the ten people you pass on your daily runs, or at the next 10K will be injured this year.

Many people think that if they just buy a good, usually expensive, pair of shoes, warm up, and cool down after their run, they will avoid injury. But running takes its toll whether with an instantaneous injury to your ankle, knee, or muscle or the result of years of accumulating damage to your joints.

Good technique can prevent injury and also improve speed and performance. A few simple changes in running form can make all the difference in your ability to run without injury but also to improve your performance. Our therapists are runners and athletes too, we understand your love of the run and your drive. Your therapist will perform a video analysis of your running technique and work with you to make immediate changes to your form, changes that will keep you on the road for years to come.

One on one Care

During your time at Meridian Physical Therapy you'll work with the same therapists every time you attend, with no PT aids you will be in the hands of a therapist every visit

Manual Physical Therapy

Advanced hands on techniques, to loosen tight muscles joints and tissues, to reduce or eliminate pain and restore mobility.

Adapted Exercise plans

No one-size-fits-all protocols. Exercises are selected specifically for you and advanced at an appropriate pace.