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Dry Needling

Dry needling is very effective at reducing pain and can be an important part of a larger treatment plan for many musculoskeletal problem.

Injury or continuous pain can result in the release of chemicals into the neuromuscular junction (the connection point between nerves and muscles). Overabundance of these chemicals at the neuromuscular junction leads to a continuous contraction of a muscle often called a knot or trigger point. These points can be self-sustaining and leave the body stuck in an ongoing cycle of tension and pain.

Inserting a specialized needle into a trigger point can release the build-up of chemicals at the neuromuscular junction and break the pain cycle allowing the muscles to relax and reset. Furthermore, dry needling can improve circulation and aid in tissue remodeling (healing) following an injury.

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Dry needling can help with the following conditions:

  • Low back and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ
  • Lateral epicondylalgia (tennis elbow)
  • Wrist and hand pain
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Nerve pain (such as sciatic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

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