Certified Lymphedema Therapy in Meridian, ID

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Certified Lymphedema Therapy

Swelling caused by the excess buildup of fluid under the skin is a classic sign of Lymphedema. It is often caused often caused when lymph nodes are removed or damaged. Lymph nodes act as a filter for waste. Protein-rich lymphatic fluid flushes this waste from your system. When lymph nodes are impaired or clogged, the lymphatic fluid accumulates under the skin in the lymph vessels causing gradual swelling. This swelling can be uncomfortable or even painful and it is very restrictive to natural movement.

There are two types of Lymphedema:

Primary lymphedema, which is rare. This is a genetic condition where the lymph system is not fully developed.

Secondary lymphedema, usually caused by a different condition such as a lymph node infection, cancer, radiation, surgery or injury.

Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist will design a treatment program to help you control the swelling of Lymphedema so you can return to your normal activities. We offer "complete decongestive therapy" starting with manual lymphatic drainage, a form of massage that helps improve the lymph flow. Additional treatment includes skin care, compression bandaging, and careful monitoring of your limb.

Together we will:

- develop an exercise program to increase your physical fitness.

- help you order compression garments, ensure the proper fit find the best garment for you.

- educate you on self-maintenance to decrease fluid retention.

- teach you the best techniques in skin care to reduce the risk of infection and wounds.

One on one Care

During your time at Meridian Physical Therapy you'll work with the same therapists every time you attend, with no PT aids you will be in the hands of a therapist every visit

Manual Physical Therapy

Advanced hands on techniques, to loosen tight muscles joints and tissues, to reduce or eliminate pain and restore mobility.

Adapted Exercise plans

No one-size-fits-all protocols. Exercises are selected specifically for you and advanced at an appropriate pace.